• Suction & Vacuum Cups
  • The Little Grabber

    Powerful suction grips and holds with bulldog tenacity. Lift heavy loads with perfect safety. One finger tool for lifting light objects or raising corners. Always ready. Leaves hand free for other work. Easy release tabs.

  • Heavy Duty (Sheet Metal Handling Tool)

    Press release button to disengage vacuum lifter instantly from load. Lifts heavy loads safely. Powerful suction grips material and holds until released by hand trigger. Use for loading, unloading, piling and shifting sheet metal.

  • Heavy Duty Double Cup (Sheet Metal Handling Tool)

    Versatile one or two hand lifting. The 5" cups safely lift weights for beyond operator's normal capacity. Simultaneous trigger release.

  • The Knuckle Saver

    Two-finger grip and larger cup for heavier loads. Breaks oil adhesions easily. Release tabs.

  • Medium Duty Handling Tool

    Full hand grip for extra strength and fingertip pushbutton release speeds handling of smooth materials safely.

  • Two man "Extra Heavy Duty" Handling Tool

    Extra safety for both men and materials. Two men can lift and carry much greater loads. Ideal for moving heavy gauge metal, marble slabs, heavy plate glass. Distance between cups can be custom fitted.

  • Floor Panel Lifters
  • Lifter for Carpeted Panels

    This revolutionary handling model has removed the "if" from carpeted panel lifters. The positive lifting action is provided by a series of steel prongs, which grip the carpet backing with maximum efficiency. The lifter is equipped with a positive lock and release unit for safe removal or carrying of carpeted panels.

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