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Rubber Stoppers

For more than 40 years Allstates Rubber & Tool has provided stoppers for industrial,  medical  and laboratory uses.  Our quality stoppers are resilient and can seal any vessel sized from ½ inch to 3 inches. We have 19 different sizes in this range. All of these are available with standard 1 and 2 hole styles.  Additionally, we can custom drill odd sized holes for specific sealing applications. If your application calls for a stopper to be assembled around a plug or wire harness, we can also split these from the ID to the OD.  These stoppers can also be molded in more exotic materials if your application requires resistance to caustics.

  •  Solid Laboratory Rubber Stoppers
    • These solid stoppers come in a variety of diameters, heights, and size numbers
  • 1-Hole Laboratory Rubber Stoppers
    • We offer 19 different types of 1-hole stoppers from size number 00 to 15
  • 2-Hole Laboratory Rubber Stoppers
    • 19 unique 2-hole stoppers in different heights, diameters, and size numbers
  • Rubber Bottle Corks
    • Fit most common industrial and commercial bottles. Available in 21 different sizes, diameters, and heights

To learn more about how Allstates Rubber & Tool Corp. can find the right rubber stopper to meet your specific performance specifications please click on a link below or contact one of our staff via email, or phone today.

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Laboratory Rubber Stoppers

Laboratory Rubber Stoppers - Solid

Laboratory Rubber Stoppers

Laboratory Rubber Stoppers - 1 Hole

Laboratory Rubber Stoppers

Laboratory Rubber Stoppers - 2 Hole

Rubber Bottle Corks

Rubber Bottle Corks

Rubber is our Middle Name - Serving Industry with Rubber for 30 Years